How to convert files with UNIVERT

First change to the directory, where univert.jar resides.
The usage is as follows:
java -jar univert.jar -i inputEncoding -o outputEncoding sourceDir destinationDir
where inputEncoding is the encoding the input file(s) are currently encoded in
outputEncoding is the encoding the output file(s) should should be converted to
sourceDir is the directory where the source files will be read from and
destinationDir is the directory where the converted files will be written to.

Please note that while converting data from a large characterset to a smaller characterset (e.g. from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1), special characters might be lost. By default they will be replaced by question marks. This is not due to a program abnormality: image you're trying to fit a stone of 5 cubic metres into a hole of 3 cubic metres. That's what happens when converting from large charactersets to small charactersets.

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